SUV vs Probationary firefighters

01/25/2023 – Today we covered some basics for auto extrication for some of our probationary firefighters. 

Saturdays are for cutting cars

Vehicle extrication is the process of removing a vehicle from around a person who has been involved in a motor vehicle collision, when conventional means of exit are impossible or inadvisable. A delicate approach is needed to minimize injury to the victim during the extrication. This operation is usually accomplished by using chocks and bracing for stabilization and powered rescue tools and equipment, including the Jaws of Life. Standards and regulations for organizations can be found in NFPA 1670

A day for vertical ventilation

Vertical ventilation is the removal of super-heated toxic gases and smoke by allowing it to take its natural traveling path. Fire companies make this possible by accessing the roof with a ladder, saws and other tools, and making an opening on the roof’s exterior, then punching the ceiling out with another tool.

Random training pictures

First gallery for training photos. More to come in the future.