Committed to Delivering Quality Service

Grays Harbor Fire District #2

6317 Olympic Hwy Aberdeen, Wa 98520

Call: (360) 532-6050

Our vision

It is the vision of Grays Harbor Fire District No. 2 to be a recognized leader as an all-hazard, all-risk service provider by developing and maintaining strategic community and public safety partnerships, hiring and training an exceptional and diverse workforce, efficiently developing and delivering services to ensure financial sustainability for the entire organization and maintaining our core infrastructure.

Our Values

  • We value having pride in the organization, the service we provide, and the communities that we serve.
  • We value the responsibility and honor of being part of a community that trusts our organization and profession.
  • We value professionalism, excellence and reliability in everything that we do.
  • We value the integrity of our members and upholding these values in how we interact and treat our customers and fellow members.
  • We value leadership, teamwork, innovation, collaboration, respect and tolerance in our organization regardless of position or status.
  • We value cooperation and collaboration with our partnering public safety agencies and responders so that efficient and effective services are not impeded by boundaries or closed-mindedness.
  • We value the social good in what we do as an organization and as individuals.

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Become a volunteer firefighter

Fire District #2 Volunteers have used this experience and training to move onto paid positions in emergency services. Former Volunteers are working in Departments throughout Washington State and the Nation.

• Aberdeen Fire Department • Hoquiam Fire Department • Central Pierce Fire & Rescue • Central Mason Fire & EMS • Griffin Fire Department • McLane/Black Lake Fire
• Montesano Fire Department • Olympia Fire Department • Roswell NM Fire Department • South Beach Regional Fire
Authority • Tacoma Fire Department • West Pierce Fire & Rescue

Ambulance Subscription Program

The Ambulance Subscription Program is a voluntary program designed to allow District #2 residents to protect their families from out-of-pocket expenses related to emergency care provided by Grays Harbor Fire District #2.

In the event you need an ambulance to respond to an emergency, your private insurance, Medicare or Medicaid information will be collected and billed; however, you will not be financially responsible for any charges that are not covered by your insurance.

Emergency Medical

Grays Harbor Fire District #2 provides 24/7 prehospital emergency care. All our firefighters are cross trained to provide medical care at the following levels.

  • FF/Advanced first-aid
  • FF/EMR or first responder
  • FF/EMT basic life support
  • FF/Paramedic advanced life support


Once accepted, recruits are put
through a comprehensive fire
academy, finishing with their
Firefighter I, Hazmat Awareness, and
Operations Certifications. After this
they can be sent through EMT school
to obtain that certification as well.

Fire Suppression

Benjamin Franklin founded the first American volunteer fire company in Philadelphia in 1736. Such companies were soon organized in other colonies. Among those who served as volunteer firefighters were George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, John Hancock, Samuel Adams and Paul Revere.

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