Emergency Medical Services

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How we provide a full service EMS system

In the late 1960’s, a group of Seattle physicians at Harborview Medical Center, recognized the potential for saving the lives of heart attack victims in the pre-hospital setting. From there started fire based EMS systems in Washington state. For a long time the fire district provided first response medical care with transport services provided by Aberdeen Fire and the city of Montesano. In 2003 Grays Harbor Fire District #2 hired their first group of career firefighters that were certified as paramedics. From there the district has progressed into providing 24/7 first response and transport services at both the BLS and ALS levels.

Firefighters with GHFD #2 are state certified Emergency Medical Technicians. Our firefighter/EMT-B’s are trained to deliver oxygen therapy, perform blood sugar monitoring, administer epinephrine for allergic reactions, CPR, perform cardiac defibrillation, and identify and treat a myriad of medical and traumatic emergencies. Firefighter/EMT-B’s work under the guidelines established by our Medical Program Director. 

Our Firefighter/Paramedics do all the same level of care plus provide advanced level care that is usually only available in the emergency rooms such as but not limited too.

  • EKG/12 lead interpretation

  • Cardioversion

  • Cardiac Pacing

  • IV and IO vascular access

  • Needle Thoracentesis

  • Pericardiocentesis

  • Rapid sequence Intubation

  • Surgical Cricothyrotomy

  • Medication administration

  • And Critical Care Transports for patients on vents and IV pumps

Our paramedics while attending school will put in anywhere from 1500-3000 hours of classroom, clinical and field internship rides in a 2 year period. The average annual training to keep our paramedics current for certification is 50 hours a year. Washington state paramedics are some of the best in the country with very progressive protocols.