Fire District Commissioners

Committed to Delivering Quality Service

Grays Harbor District #2

Mission Statement

The primary responsibility of the Board of Commissioners is to the people of Grays Harbor County Fire District #2. The Board of Fire Commissioners is committed to making decisions based on sound fiscal management principles.

Financial Decisions

Financial decisions will be based on recognized professional standards. The Board is committed to conservative and prudent use of available public resources, consistent with required service levels. The Board of Fire Commissioners shall manage the finances of the district in order to provide proper equipment, facilities and personnel at the highest possible level, based on continual community risk analysis.


The Board will ensure that the district will provide the best possible fire and emergency medical services and community education programs that resources will allow. The district will innovate to respond to the changing needs of the community and will continually strive to earn the lowest insurance rating possible for our constituents. It welcomes and promotes citizens and community involvement.


The Board will encourage the recruitment of team oriented and dedicated personnel and support an environment that promotes longevity and commitment.


In order to provide the community with safe and efficient emergency services, the Board will support programs to procure and maintain safe equipment, apparatus and facilities. It will encourage the implementation of policies promoting safe workplace practices, occupational health and safety programs and response directives.


The Board will provide for a personnel training program based on recognized standards and encourage continual professional development of all personnel. It will provide training, leadership and promote cooperation within the fire and emergency medical service community.


Honesty is of the utmost importance when dealing with district members and public. Communication is frequent, factual and open. All opinions and suggestions are valued.


Commissioner Dale Hensley

Commissioner Hensley has been involved with the district for a long time. Starting as a volunteer prior to working for Aberdeen Fire as an Engineer/Paramedic. Commissioner Hensley has served many terms as commissioner over the years and continues to be a voice of reassurance when times get challenging. 


Commissioner Ray Winter

I have lived in Grays Harbor County my entire life. I graduated from Hoquiam High School. I started my Fire Service Career at the Aberdeen Fire Department on September 17, 1979 and retired from there on June 30, 2008.  I started as a Hoseman (firefighter) and went up thru the ranks to Battalion Chief.  I became an EMT in March of 1980 and a Paramedic in April 1984. I stayed a Paramedic throughout my Career.  I have lived in Fire District 2 for 22 years.  I have been a Volunteer at the City of Aberdeen Police Department for the last three years.  This includes crowd control, basic citizen’s patrol, and projects not requiring a uniformed officer. I feel that I can assist the Board of Fire Commissioners in District two with my knowledge of the Fire and Ambulance services that District 2 provides over the entire district.

My Hobbies (down time) include reloading and shooting sport, hunting the local area and home remodeling.


Commissioner Dave Everitt

Starting 2022 with his first term on the commission board Commissioner Everitt brings a lot of fire service experiance to the department. Starting his fire service career as a volunteer firefighter with Mountain View Fire and Rescue in King County commissioner Everitt has served many positions over the years. Having worked full-time with Raymond Fire and finishing his career with Hoquiam Fire as a Captain/Paramedic.