Intern Program

Application period for Firefighter/EMT internship is currently closed

Application period is currently closed but expected to open soon. GHFD #2 mantains 3 intership positions per year and each intern can expect to be in the program from 2-4 years.

Application: Firefighter/EMT internship.

Download application: D2-application

Application requirements

  • Complete Department Application
  • Resume
  • Proof of current CPAT
  • Proof of current Washington State EMT or current National Registry with ability to obtain Washington State Certification
  • Any IFSAC Certifications (not required)
  • Copy of your Driver’s License
  • Copy of Drivers Abstract forms
  • Proof of COVID vaccination is required; However exemptions for medical conditions or sincerely-held religious beliefs may be considered on a case-by-case basis, and accommodations of those exemptions cannot be guaranteed.


Selection process


Position opening and closing dates

Our opening and closing dates will be listed here along with a link for our application

Application: Download here

Notification of interview/skills testing

Dates for interviews and skills labs will be sent out after the closing period and application reviews.

Oral Board/Skills testing

The interview process will consist of multiple questions to gauge the applicants qualifications for the position. If we have more applicants than positions we will incorporate a skills lab. 

Physical agility test

GHFD #2 uses the CPAT (canadite physical agility test). The applicant may be scheduled or required to produce a valid card. Valid CPAT cards are for any test completed within 1 year of passing the CPAT.

Chiefs interview

Those passing the oral interview and moved on in the process will be scheduled to have an interview with Fire Chief. 

Eligibility list

A ranked eligibility list will be sent out to the participants of the intern testing process.




What is the Internship Program?

Our internship program is a career development track for individuals looking for a career in the fire service. Our interns work side by side with our career staff learning the craft of firefighting along with developing the skills to be successful in the testing process.

I heard it was called a student program?

Yes technically in the past it use to be referred to as the student program until we realised there was more to it. Students attended the South Puget Sound College in Olympia for their fire science degree but that program was cancelled years ago. When we realised that our interns were not in school and have been attending other forms of skills training i.e state fire academy, other IFSAC certification classes and/or college courses we knew we needed to change our program. The fire service is ever changing and so are the requirments. So to keep up with the times we will continue to evaluate the currant status of this program to meet the needs of the fire service.

What kind of commitment will it be?

The life of an intern is not easy. We require at least two twelve hour shifts a week scheduled outside of there regular class or training schedule. Plus keep passing scores in all their classes.  Our interns also start a driver operator program and will spend a lot of time learning not just how to drive the engines but to be competent pump operator too. Training, class, calls and learning new skills can be tough. But we will prepare you for a career not many are cut out for. 

What are the benefits of being an Intern

Benefits start with working side by side with officers who have 20+ years in the fire service. The districts reputation for producing good firefighters is well known in Grays Harbor and many departments start eyeing our interns pretty quick. Monetarily we pay for all baseline fire training to include getting our interns certified to at least IFSAC FF1. We also pay for tuition and books during school for fire science degrees and as the program is changing we are also paying a portion of paramedic school (depending on the program accepted in). Career prep starts early and is ongoing throughout the program.

What are the requirements to get in?

Minimum requirements are the applicants need to have at least 1 year experance volunteering and their EMT-B. All applicants will be required to have a currant CPAT card or the ability to pass it prior to starting the program. Everything else is listed above in the application requirements. 

Have other interns been hire with fire departments?

Many of our past interns have jobs now in the fire service. Those who have completed our internship program are now working as firefighters and/or firefighter/paramedics throught the state for departments like.

 Aberdeen Fire Department • Hoquiam Fire Department • Central Pierce Fire & Rescue • Central Mason Fire & EMS • Griffin Fire Department • McLane/Black Lake Fire
• Montesano Fire Department • Olympia Fire Department • Roswell NM Fire Department • Tacoma Fire Department • West Pierce Fire & Rescue • South County Fire •