Volunteer Opportunities

District 2 is currently accepting volunteer applications all year ’round, with interviews once/twice a year.  We are currently taking applications for the fall 2021 interview session.

Volunteer applicants must reside within the district boundaries.  Aberdeen City Limits to the Satsop Bridges, SR 107 to the Wynoochee Dam, and from Brady up to the middle Satsop county line. Applicants must also be over the age of 18. Those who live outside of the district’s boundary will be considered case by case and with the fire chief’s approval. To see if you qualify call 360-532-6050.

Applications being accepted for the following:

1. Firefighter/EMS Volunteers
Firefighter / emergency medical service volunteers respond to fires, medical emergencies and special operation situations. They function in the same capacity as the career members of the department and many times respond to emergency calls directly from home.

Applications are accepted twice through the year and should be returned to the Fire Chief at the Headquarter station in Central Park. Volunteer applicants undergo a physical agility/fitness assessment, a drug test, a Department interview, intensive background check and a complete medical examination. Qualified candidates are put on probationary status and must complete a list of various activities including but not limited to a recruit academy, EMT class, and their probationary handbook. During their probationary time a volunteer must be very active to help gain the experience that will make them successful.

Volunteers with prior experience enter the Department as Lateral Transfer Firefighters. In addition to meeting the requirements for the normal volunteer applicant, each lateral transfer firefighter will undergo a lateral skills evaluation. Based on this evaluation, the Chief will develop a customized training and orientation program. Once the customized program has been successfully completed and with the Chief’s approval, the lateral transfer firefighter will move on to probationary status. At the end of the probationary period, the volunteer firefighter’s name will be submitted to the Board of Commissioners to become a regular volunteer firefighter.

General Information and Requirements

Apparatus Operation: Members with less than one year of service are usually not authorized to drive Department vehicles, but special circumstances may warrant it. Firefighters must have a valid Washington State driver’s license, have successfully completed the Department Emergency Vehicle Accident Prevention class, and have had specific supervised driver training on each class of Department apparatus.

Training: Training drills are held through out the month. The first week of each month is devoted to the Firefighters Associations meeting. The second Wednesday night is Medical / OTEP training, the fourth Wednesday night is for fire related topics. In addition to the two Wednesday drills, each station conducts drills on the third week of the month designed to be specific to their needs. All members have specific required training and attendance goals based on years of experience with the Department and EMS certification level.

Volunteer Benefits: Volunteers within our Department serve their community in a way that is both meaningful and gratifying. On occasion, the giving of their time results in a life or property saved. Other more tangible benefits provided by the Department include:

  • Enrollment in the Washington State Volunteer Firefighter Pension and Relief Program.
  • Enrollment in a long term disability program, which covers all volunteers who are injured or become ill while serving the community.
  • Volunteers are paid $40.00 for local ambulance transports, and between $80.00 to $120.00 for out of town transports to Olympia or Seattle.
  • Volunteers are eligible to be part of the Volunteer Incentive Program that rewards them for the time they give through out the year and puts money into a special fund that is just for them.
  • Practical experience for those desiring a career in the fire service.
  • A “family” for social and recreational activities.
  • Uniforms and Protective Clothing/Equipment: Protective clothing and uniforms are required by the Department. The Department provides each volunteer with protective clothing and equipment to safely respond to emergencies.

For the Family: For many years volunteer firefighters were called to duty by calling the volunteers, one by one on the phone, and giving them directions to the emergency scene. With the changing times and needs, volunteers now rely on pagers to direct them to an emergency. Every volunteer’s family is well aware that the pager’s “tone-out” can occur at any time of the day or night.

A volunteer’s family and job responsibilities should always come first. However, the nature of our activities require volunteers to decide at a moment’s notice, whether to respond to an emergency scene or not. There may be times when your plans will be changed to respond to a scene or transfer a patient for medical treatment. Family and employer understanding and support will be beneficial for any involvement with our Department. We strongly encourage you to talk with your family about the decision to become a volunteer firefighter.

Download PDF Application Here (PDF)

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